System for Food Surplus Distribution

New training for current and potential participants in the System for Food Surplus Donations


What we are doing

  • Establishment of system of retailers, distributors and other food providing entities with local civic organizations to distribute food surplus to marginalized and food insecure communitie


  • We have 445,099 citizens (21% of the population) struggling with poverty (earning less than €2,667.61/year for a family of four) and dealing with food insecurity every single day. Currently, we have 50 public kitchens which provide 1 meal a day to between 3,500 – 4,000 citizens, only a small fraction of the population in need, at a tremendous cost of €1,572,392 – €1,778,457 per year due to the food being purchased rather than re-purposing the over 5,000 tons of food surplus that is landfilled each year.
  • Conduct need assessments of current infrastructure
  • Develop criteria for participation in network
  • Identify and select of retailers, distributors, and other food providing entities with CSOs for participation
  • Create technology solution for identified donors and beneficiary groups focused on maximization of food surplus redistribution
  • Produce operations manual for participants in activity
  • Host training with other beneficiary charity organizations
  • Implement pilots within Macedonia
  • Provide final synopsis and recommendation for full scale food redistribution across the country to public institution